Instrumentation and Control

HC Controls specialize in instrumentation and control design, installation, commissioning and support. Our engineers are highly experienced in providing turn-key instrumentation and control solutions. Modern Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) greatly improves the efficiency of aero engine test facilities, reducing cell occupancy times and fuel consumption. DAQ systems provide accurate, repeatable test data which can be automatically trended, computed and archived to give test engineers reliable information for engine efficiency status, data analysis and fault finding. Many engine OEMs now require test facilities to be computerized as a prerequisite for correlation and approval.

Our application test software operator screen displays and information presentation is customized to client requirements ensuring users are provided with the optimum working environment.

An important benefit of a well designed Data Acquisition System is the ability to continually monitor both engine and facility parameter data signals to ensure the information being monitored is within acceptable limits.

This has two benefits to the user:-

  • The engine and facility are protected from any dangerous running conditions, which could endanger personnel or the facility itself.
  • The data acquisition system ensures that all of the data recorded is within specified expected levels. This ensures that no erroneous data is recorded which could otherwise lead to the requirement to re-test the engine - a timely and costly exercise.

HC Controls has many years of experience in the system integration of the National Instruments series of products. Having designed, installed, commissioned and maintained various systems for our customers world-wide.

control console

Control Consoles

Modern, adaptable consoles are designed to suit the customers requirements for both operation and budget.
Ergonomic and flexible, our console designs meet health and safety requirements whilst maintaining an industrial working platform for the test facility operators.

Our consoles feature removable turrets, integral power management, height adjust-ability, articulating monitor arms, CPU holders, speaker mounts, task lamps, and other accessories.

inter connection boxes

Inter-Connection Boxes

Pre-wired inter-connection boxes are typically used within the test cell and service areas, providing breakpoints for instrumentation and control circuits.
All is uniquely identified, with each core marked to assist maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting.

All wires are secured creating a neat and easy to follow route, again to assist with maintenance.
Control boxes are selected to suit the installed location, clearly identified and laid out utilizing finger trunking cable management.

termination boxes

Termination Boxes

Industry standard 19" rack mount termination boxes are used for electronic equipment mounting.
All the equipment is positioned for ease of access providing ease of maintenance.

Boxes are pre-wired and fully tested prior to shipping to the customer's site.

Mounted on raised flooring, all cables enter through the base of the cabinets ensuring a clean working environment, which protects the installed cables and equipment.

molded cable assemblies

Molded Cable Assemblies

Our skilled technicians manufacture over molded cable assemblies in-house.
Our staff are certified to J-STD-001, ensuring the quality of our manufactured cable and harness assemblies.

Manufacturing the assemblies in-house enables us to provide quick turn around for new assemblies. We also offer a repair service to our customers.

aircraft wiring

Special Projects

Our fully qualified aircraft standard electrical technicians can quickly turn a post overhaul test facility into a research and development test bed.

Wiring open or molded harnesses to ensure the required electrical standards are met.