January 1, 2017.  

New website design launched.
We hope everyone enjoys the new user interface, which is now easier than ever to navigate through the site.

- Web master
HC Controls Inc.
November 19, 2016.  

HC Controls performed a noise survey on an indoor aero engine test facility.
Our customer requested the survey to determine the frequencies of the engine noise. This enabled us to recommend the correct hearing protection combination to be used by the test cell operators.

The survey proved to be valuable and showed that many of the operators were potentially risking hearing damage due to not using frequency matched hearing protection.

- Chris Snelgrove
President, HC Controls Inc.
July 10, 2016.  

HC Controls completed a test facility relocation feasibility study for a customer, including a background noise survey to determine current ambient noise levels.

Our report was used in a preliminary planning application for a new multi engine test facility complex.

- Chris Snelgrove
President, HC Controls Inc.
Dec 1, 2014 - 10:00 hrs.  

HC Controls was contracted to decommission, package and transport a C130 Mobile Engine Test System (METS).

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- Chris Snelgrove
President, HC Controls Inc.

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