Aero Engine Test Facility Decommissioning and Move

C130 Mobile Engine Test System (METS)

  • Control Cabin
  • Fuel Tank Module
  • Test Trailer

Requirement: Our customer purchased a C130 Mobile Engine Test Facility (METS) and needed to safely decommission the facility and have it shipped to a storage location to be refurbished.

Solution: HC Controls worked closely with the original operator of the facility. A decommissioning plan was developed to ensure the facility was taken down safely and would be ready for refurbishment.

Our engineers systematically decommissioned the facility and carefully packaged the equipment ready for shipping. We then arranged for all the items to be removed from site and transported to the required storage location to be refurbished.

This facility is now offered for sale and is ready for our engineers to refurbish to the requirements of the next customer.

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