Support options and portal

HC Controls provide various engine test facility support options tailored to our customer requirements

Our engineering support staff are available to travel to the customer test facility location to provide on-site engineering support. Many hardware issues require engineers to travel to the customer's aero engine test facility to perform physical diagnostic or replacement functions. Our on-site engineers comply with all local health and safety regulations when performing on-site work.

HC Control's remote support capability provides our customers with knowledgeable, experienced engineers.
Our support engineers are available via phone, email and fax. We are also able to provide Online remote support where our engineers remotely connect to the test facility control room computer to diagnose a problem or offer operator guidance.
Software upgrades are able to be accomplished via the Online remote support function.

HC Controls offers various Follow-On support options tailored to our customers requirements. Follow-On support can range from annual calibration, routine maintenance, remote support to supplying a technical representative. Some of our customers prefer to have the convenience of having a full time technical representative stationed at their engine test facility to support the local operators.
Contact your HC Controls point of contact for more information on this service.

Routine calibration and maintenance support plans enable our customers to focus on their core business knowing their test facility is maintained correctly and always in calibration. Our engineers perform on-site calibration of the complete data system and also arrange for required instruments to be calibrated at laboratories, as required. All our equipment is traceable to national standards providing the required confidence in the calibration results.

Maintenance schedules are developed for the test facility and our engineers perform all the required functions, documenting the actions and findings for the customer.

Our experienced software developers provide software upgrades to the test facility performance analysis and engine/facility control software. Our engineers are experienced in desktop, mobile and tablet software development and process control platform development applications (PLCs). All of our software is developed and maintained in accordance the BSI software TickIT quality system, providing traceable quality software production.

Online and off-line 'help' documentation is supplied with all our software products. The help systems are integrated with the software enabling the users to get instant guidance on the correct use of the software.

Many aero engine test facilities require periodic software upgrades to conform with the latest engine manufacturers test procedure amendments. HC Controls have many years experience in providing software upgrades to our customers.

We provide on-site operator training on test facility operation and maintenance procedures. Training programs are designed for all levels of operator experience and include test facility familiarization, operation, on the job training, maintenance and calibration.
Training programs are tailored to the customer requirements and can include classroom theory through to hands-on training with the actual equipment that the operators will be using.

Our technical publications team can produce any documentation required for a modern aero engine test facility. We provide documentation in electronic and printed format for use by the test facility operators and support staff. Electronic formats include PDF and Online HTML documents for viewing directly at the operator's work station. Our documents are based on a very graphical user interface, resulting in a clear and easy to understand manual for the operators to reference.

We specialize in Operation and Maintenance Manual production and software user manuals. These are key documents for efficient test facility operation.